Wedding Special       January 1st to December 31st 2018

Luxury American Chrysler 300c SRT8   from x 1  $395.00    x2 Chryslers $790.00 

Luxury American Lincoln Super Stretch Limousine (9 Seater) from $695.00         

Packages Include:   Suited Chauffeurs    Wedding Ribbon     Flower Bouquet      Red Carpet     Decorations    Tissues    Photo Stops     Umbrellas

This includes the greater Hamilton area. Small additional fees may be added for extra travel and time when travelling to satellite towns and other regions.      

Bride & Groom special pick up from reception and drop off at Hamilton hotel or set Hamilton destination for $125.00 (Sedan)  $195.00 (Limousine). 

Wedding vehicle hire runs from picking up the bride before the wedding until the reception. Time does vary but we allow for a maximum of four hours.


Gift Certificate Special    10% added to your $50.00, $100.00, $200 or $500 Certificate

10% Added value to your Gift Certificate purchase before Christmas 2018. 

(Cannot be used in conjunction with any other current special).


Corporate and Company Function Limousine Special from $695.00 for up to 4hrs

Luxury American Lincoln Super Stretch Limousine for 9 passengers, perfect for that Party.

From $695.00 for a 4hr hire in the Hamilton Region. Party in the back while we cruise Hamilton, Stop for a celebration drink at your favourite bar then back aboard to the next destination, A great night out in style. Party On!

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