Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Carrington Limousines can offer quality luxury vehicles for Hotel, Event and Airport transfers for solo travellers, couples, families and groups in American and European, Limousines, Sedans and Toyota Minibus Vans .

Jan – March 30th 2017 Transfer Specials                                Luxury Super Stretch Limousine, Luxury Sedan or Luxury Van

                      Special: Hamilton Airport to Hamilton CBD    $  75.00 One Way       $140.00 Return

                                                                Limousine                       $175.00 One Way       $350.00 Return

Special: Hamilton CBD Corporate Hotel/Event transfers    $  45.00 One Way      $  75.00 Return

                                                                Limousine                        $115.00 One Way      $195.00 Return 

               Special:   Hamilton Airport to Auckland Airport      $395.00 One Way  (Non peak hours)     $750.00 Return (Non peak hours)

                                                                Limousine                        $595.00 One Way   (Non Peak Hours)    $995.00 Return (Non Peak Hours)

                    Special:   Hamilton CBD to Auckland Airport      $365.00 One Way  (Non Peak hours)      $695.00 Return (Non peak hours)

                                                                Limousine                         $545.00 One Way  (Non Peak Hours)     $945.00 Return (Non peak Hours)

                          Special:  Hamilton CBD to Auckland CBD       $425.00 One Way  (Non Peak Hours)    $795.00 Return (Non Peak Hours)

                                                                 Limousine                         $645.00 One Way  (Non Peak Hours)    $995.00 Return (Non Peak Hours)




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